Serving all of Northwest Arkansas areas, both Benton and Washington County.


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1. Appraisal

 The first step we take in any sale is pricing each item at its optimal selling point. Our experts are trained in the art of resale, and are prepared to appraise high volumes of used items for maximum selling potential. 

2. Display

 After appraising each item, we arrange all items for display to allow them to be admired and sold to the public. High-end items, such as vehicles, collectibles, and valuables often require additional maintenance and preparation. 

3. Advertise

 One of our biggest resources at NWA Estate Sales is our ability to bring the public to a sale. We do extensive advertising, both through traditional media outlets, and through our own business following to bring buyers to a sale. We have a loyal following of interested buyers and an excellent public rapport in regard to sales hosted by us.  Our tech savvy team knows how to promote sales to reach the the public eye.

4. Sell

 Our sales team runs the sale, converting your property into cash.  We price the items at fair market value insuring that all your items sell from your high quality antique table down to the tupperware.

5. Clean Up

 If any items remain unsold after the sale, we will handle donations for you, as well as clean up any unwanted items that remain at the estate.